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Jun 10, 2019

Woolie Madden (Castle Super Beast, Woolie Versus) joins us to discuss Mario and the gang's descent into the dark and spooky TURTLEVANIA! King Koopula and his tomato sauce-sucking vampires chase after Mario and Luigi set to an inexplicable cover of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Did they even get the rights to that or did they just shrug and say "fuck it"? In the live action, Luigi learns how to make objects disappear from the help of famous(?) magician Harry Blackstone Jr, but accidentally uses his mastery of the dark arts to make his own brother Mario leave this plane of existence. When Mario's soul left his body, was he in Hell? Oh also we fan-cast a reboot of the Mario Show and wonder what it would be like if Dave Bautista and Daniel Day-Lewis played Mario and Luigi in 2019! Cool!