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Jul 15, 2019

Today’s episode makes a whole bunch of no sense. Mario and Luigi go fishing, even though they have plans to go to the big plumber’s hoedown later that night. All the prettiest girls in Brooklyn will be there, you see. As soon as they leave, their apartment is invaded by their southern cousins, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob. You’re probably not going to believe this, but in the four minutes that they’re house sitting for the boys, Donna Douglas from The Beverly Hillbillies shows up. What are the odds?! In the animated segment, Princess Toadstool agrees to marry Koopa in the hopes that he will turn a bunch of toad people back from the rocks he turned them into earlier. This being Koop’s big day, we also get to meet his mother! In addition to trying to make sense of all this, Mark and Jeremy also learn about something called Rock Lords and realize that deep down we all just want to fuck Toad.