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Aug 12, 2019

In the live action segment of today’s Super Mario Bros Super Show!, Susanna Ross (Yes, THAT Susanna Ross, the one they made up for this episode) has ditched her backup singers and knows just the plumbers she wants to replace them with. It’s Mario and Luigi! If you think this episode doesn’t end with them singing ‘Baby Love,’ in the basement dressed like Diana Ross & The Supremes, well then I have got something shocking to tell you.  In the animated portion of the episode, Koopa wants to make a Frankenstein but then he slips and accidentally becomes a Frankenstein himself and so Mario and the crew have to Real Steel Koopa’s original Frankenstein so they can beat Koopa, who’s a Frankenstein now. Then Koopa falls in some water and it’s fine. At some point Toad yells “Toadronimo!” and it’s really just a whole lot of malarkey, frankly.