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Jun 17, 2019

“Hey, did we do pirates yet?” he asked the room full of Mario writers, to no response. “Fuck it." And with that, today’s episode of The Super Mario Bros Super Show was born. On today’s program, Magic Johnson returns for the first ever repeat celebrity cameo and it’s exactly as awkward as his first appearance, most likely due to both of these segments clearly being filmed in the same hurried afternoon. This one has something to do with a trophy. It’s honestly hard to tell. And then on the animated high seas of Pirate World, we are treated to a buckswashlin’ adventure that introduces fun characters like Captain Clump, Patches the Parrot, Blackbeard Koopa, and two very familiar looking pirates named Captain Kidder and Long John Spaghetti, who this insentient paragraph of text suspects is actually the Mario Brothers in disguise. What is it like to love?